Welcome to Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Who We Are.

Creating Connections. Changing Mindsets. Inspiring Action.

We Are IFEL: Since 2002,  the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership–better known as IFEL ("eye-full"), a nationally recognized 501(c)3 organization, has been working to create an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem and support entrepreneurial leaders. 

What We Do.

Our national programming focuses on creating systemic change aimed at creating a fully inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our work focuses on increasing the capacity of and access to capital for entrepreneurs, focusing on those from historically excluded communities. 

We measure our impact through the connections we create, the minds we help change, and actions we inspire. 

How You Can Help Build A Community for Those Serious About Opening Doors

Post-pandemic, we're smarter and it's been proven that virtual spaces can bring busy, influential folks together. Now, more than ever, people want to connect. We heard you; so, we're launching this virtual community space and we'd like you to help us.  

We're Workshopping this...With Your Help

To build a digital community environment that serves you, we'd like your help in "workshopping" our community's development. That means we'll try out new features and ask you to participate to provide feedback. Some items may work, some may not. We'll ask that you let us know your preferences, and features you'd like to use. navigation that makes sense or is confusing, and any other feedback you'd like to share.  

Join Us.

This community space offers for allies and champions, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and their champions. 

You're Here if You Want to:

  • Meet like-minded individuals that share your interest in opening doors for entrepreneurs from historically-excluded populations.
  • Get intentional about creating an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the journey of women and women of color entrepreneurs and founders
  • Meet amazing entrepreneurs and founders
  • Seeking knowledge about the entrepreneurial ecosystem and angel investing.

Our programming

We have served more than 6,800 small businesses and oversee a national volunteer community of more than 1,000 business professionals. 

Our program focus areas include: 

  • Helping entrepreneurs from historically excluded populations leverage the power of relationship capital
  • Educating a new generation of diverse angel investors
  • Enabling business professionals to make a difference

    through skills-based volunteerism

  • Increasing capacity for entrepreneurs from historically excluded communities.

Upcoming Events

Recent Events

  • Creating Conscious Collisions: Our 10-city 2023 road show featured amazing women of color founders,  woccon.org/roadshow,  We're working together to leverage the collective energy of our networks to help women of color entrepreneurs and founders toward success. See road show highlights and we are now accepting founder applications for 2024 road show. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you to our supporters, including The Impact Seat Foundation. National sponsors of the Creating Conscious Collisions 2023 Road Show.

Major Programs

Women of Color Connecting (WOCCON)

Engaging the vast IFEL network to use their expertise and relationships to get more women of color on the grow-scale-exit trajectory to building wealth through entrepreneurship.

The Making of Black Angels

Empowering wealth builders and entrepreneurs on the grow-scale-exit trajectory through education.

Pipeline Angels 

Pipeline Angels is changing the face of angel investing and venture capital, as well as creating funding for trans women, cis women, nonbinary, two-spirit, agender, and gender-nonconforming founders.

Small Businesses Need Us

Engaging business professionals in skills-based volunteerism to provide high-touch, hands-on support through our turnkey capacity-building system supporting business owners and entrepreneurs.